Recovery – Living the Experience of Hope

I have found the link to this video in my spam folder, boy am I glad I checked it out. The message of Hope and Recovery from a Mental Illness Diagnosis from someone who has lived it, is a ‘must share’ to encourage everyone not to give up.



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9 Responses to Recovery – Living the Experience of Hope

  1. All I could feel was good for her. It is so nice to see hope, light and a sense of encouragement. Hope it does that for many. What a great testiment.

  2. epilepsymeandneurology says:

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    more about recovery, this time recovery from mental illness which is not given enought advertising or promotion. A lovely post from a mental health advocate about a mental health advocate.

  3. We need to keep doing everything we can to promote and facilitate recovery…..because it IS possible.

    • Absolutely, the problem I found is, that several psychiatric services have now renamed their case managers to recovery clinicians. Sadly, that is only a name change and no service provision change. To make it worse, they are now excluding patients deemed chronic from their service as they don’t fit the recovery model. The mind just boggles when an acute psych service knocks a patient back with the excuse – oh that person is to sick …. My frustration with pych services grows more every day and I’m only a clinician, I would hate to think what it would be like for a patient or family member 😦

      • As a patient, I have in my possession a lovely independent psych review performed on me 30 months ago that in summary states, and I quote, “her prognosis is extremely poor. No recovery efforts need be extended, long term care inpatient facility should be offered” Nice, right? SO glad a part of me found a way not to buy into that analysis or I would likely be six feet under right now. The good thing is that it forced me to find and create a supportive team of professionals…..they are out there, even if they are hard to find. Applause for your work!

      • Applause to you – confirms that it is the person who is the specialist, so it is good not to follow ‘outside’ specialists blindly. After all, a book is a book and a life is a life 🙂

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